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Elancier Solutions is a well-developed company in Madurai that successfully entered the global market 7 years back. We have the most innovative and creative designers to create a new Web Design, Web Development, Mobile App and Social Marketing.

At Elancier Solutions, We provide Quality work with cost-effective, Reliability and Trustworthy services. We are one of the best SEO service providers in Madurai with lots of latest technologies and ensure that your page ranks first in the search engine.

Web Development

We are one of the Web Development Company with a skilled team of Web Developers. We are capable of providing high-end web solutions. Our developers work with the latest technologies and create websites like Ecommerce, Woo commerce, Static, Dynamic and WordPress.

Mobile App

The Mobile app makes your business grow drastically. We create a mobile app for both Android and IOS using the latest and innovative technologies. Our mobile apps have integrated mobility in the workflow and all stakeholders. Our business mobile apps have established strong bonds between business and customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO digital marketing services consist of all activities that lead the business to gain brand recognition and sales. Being a digital marketing agency, the team bears the burden of all the latest digital marketing activities.

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Recent Trends in Web Development 2019

In 2019, technology has promised us to provide many new ideas, Creative innovations and best initiatives in web development that we deserve: from the current new developments on AI, Machine learning, Blockchain that makes the economy the best.

Instead, When it comes to new technologies, everything is different and unpredictable. Technology changes now and then, technology growth makes us surprise and drastically change our world. The digital technology continues to set trends and makes us follow with new technologies was everyone will be crazy. People are always curious to know what is in demand languages/frameworks as well as the latest updates on web development and software-related services.

1. AI or chatbots

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the technology that is displayed by machines to human language and performs its performance like learning, collecting data, analyzing the information, understand the emotional feeling and solving challenging problems. The need of AI has enabled communication growth, multi-tasking, and analysis will become more prevalent this year.

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is the most popular language. The evolution of its framework, library and design flow has changed a lot in the market.

3. Progressive Web App

Progressive Web Apps are the hottest web trends. These modern web-related applications will load like regular web sites or web pages but have a high level of functions. They can load instantly, other than the network state as they are built with progressive enhancement for the strategy of web design.

4. Single Page Application

Single-page application is a web-based application based on javascript that works well with different users. It Boosts the device performance, minimizes the page reloading and reducers web development time to navigation actions.

5. Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile-friendly websites are websites that work well on all smartphones. It controls the touch of the phone and fit on small screens for better navigation. Moreover, they load fast by their fantastic features that reduce data entry work. Many companies changed the strategy to start a digital service to increase their marketability.

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Elancier Solutions

Elancier solutions is a leading web development company in India. We have a pool of well-organized developers.

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Ultimate benefits of using mobile apps for your business!

In the past few years, Mobile app has evolved to be a means of communication in all aspects. The importance of mobile app in business plays a vital role. These apps have made customers to get business-related information infractions. Due to Drastic many drastic changes in technology, Customers gets addicted towards mobile apps. Mobile apps have become an important part in each and every business, whether it might be a startup or business. As a business recruiter, we need to accept its benefits.

Mobile Apps helps in strengthening customer Management. It acts as a direct marketing strategy and a channel between business and their customers. It helps in effective communication, easy to install, sending push messages and in-app notification to many customers as they can. If the notification sent is relevant information, then the customers will become your brand customer.

Below are some of the benefits of mobile apps for your business:

1. Increase customer accessibility:

It helps in updating the customers regarding the new products and services in your business. It builds a strong relationship between customers and business, It allows customers to afford you in any situations. Business can establish special discounts for your regular customers in your mobile apps.

2. Transformation to digital experience:

Mobile application helps customers to operate it in a way digital to pay, receive the product or deliver the product as fast as light. It allows the customers to enjoy offers in your products received by them and it gives you an opportunity to become as their client.

3. Enabling brand awareness and recognition:

A mobile app is an effective tool in enabling your brand awareness and recognition. Advertising through mobile apps can be viewed by your customers any time as it is in their palm all the time. You can make the ad on the app very clear, easy to understand, stylish, attractive, and very importantly informative. Mobile apps for startups has become rare, this is where you have to make a very strong decision that will access your business to grow. By offering a mobile app in your business, you can compete with your Competitors.

4. Cultivating customers trust:

Cultivating trust from your customers in your business is a very hard task and is very important to grow your business.

Clarifying queries in a proper way, timely reply, bold and frank answers to appropriate questions will build trust in your customers. Mobile apps have a strong technique to build a strong relationship.

5. Different services:

Mobile apps have different features that match various industries. For example, industries like insurance, healthcare, spa, salon, groceries, supermarket, traders, hotels etc. Customers can avail different solutions for targeted customers to book their needs. Push notification is used to remind them about your services. Payments can be done online through a mobile app that makes customer user-friendly.

Elancier Solutions provides you all the above benefits to make your business grow using mobile apps.

Elancier Solutions:

Elancier Solutions is a digital Service provider company. It is a company with well-experienced developers, designers running for about 6+ years. It provides various services in Web Development, Web Designing, Mobile Apps, Digital Marketing and Management Applications.

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